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How Does ‘Get My Fling?’ Work?

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Why Would You Use GetMyFling?

Have you ever been in a situation where you like someone, but for whatever reason, you were unable to communicate your intentions?

Well thanks to this site you can potentially find out if indeed the other person did find you physically attractive, what's more you can find out without the potential to be embarrassed.

Here's what you do.

An Example

  1. Log on to get my fling
  2. Proceed to enter details from your perspective. In this case, it is the male perspective:
    				Country: 		USA
    				Location:		Use Google Map to Pin-point Location
                                    Type of encounter:	Caught my Eye (No Audio)
    				Gender:		 	Male seeking Female
    				Start Date:		16-08-2008
    				Start Time: 		12.00pm
    				End Date:		16-08-2008
    				End Time: 		13.00pm
  3. Set the questions.

    Here you must set questions you know the answer to. They are based on colour. That‘s all there is to it. It is self explanatory when you use the drop down menus.

  4. Finally, you must log in, or create an account.

    We only need an e-mail address, a made up User Name, and a password. You can opt-out of any e-mail alerts received when you match your fling, although you will need to keep checking your account for any contact!


Your Privacy:

We Don't use Names.  You cannot do a general search to see who is looking for you.  If you can type your name then your partner can type your name or indeed some third party could indeed "manufacture" a situation which could lead to problems in your personal life.  GetMyfling operates to serve as a matching facility for the information known by 2 people on a case by case basis.  You can input as many encounters as you so wish, they will not be publicly  displayed on this website.  If a match is made you will be able to establish quickly if it is the right person.  You will be able to do this without using your name, which means if it is the wrong person you have not been embarrassed  as they don't know you name or address.  Also, the actual person you are looking for will not know anything, unless they are looking for you!  It  really is a no lose deal!

An Example - 1 day later

A Message is sent to you via e-mail from Get My Fling. "Please logon you have a match!" (Note: This is only if you opt-in to e-mail alerts. Otherwise, you can logon from time to time to check on any progress.)

Whilst on the website you now have 3 choices.

  1. Ignore this match.

    Either you don‘t think this is the right person, or you can walk away happy as you have just had your ego inflated! The other person will not know a thing! Of course, you will not know for sure if it is the right person in this case.

  2. Block this user.

    This ignores the match, as per the first option, but also prevents any future matches or messages from this fling. You should be careful when you use this option, as it could block potential future encounter matches - but it does allow you to discretely, and anonymously, increase your security.

  3. Make Contact With Your Fling

    You can if you so wish send a message to this person. The other person will be sent a message from within the website, using our built in messenger. If they have not logged in for a while, they will also be alerted by e-mail (subject to them opting-in for e-mail alerts). Your fling does not have any contact details for you whatsoever, and does not even know another user has contacted them until you decided to send the first message.

    You can have a typed conversation secure in the knowledge that you can walk away at any time if you no longer wish to proceed. The only way you can be contacted by other person is by you physically typing your contact details into message board. All login details are stored safely, and cannot be divulged.

    You may also block a user (as per option 1 above) at any time during your conversation. This will remove you from their contact list, and temporarily delete any previous messages you have sent to them. A fling can, of course, be unblocked if you make a mistake.

If your details were entered AFTER the first user, you will probably be prompted to answer more questions. Do not panic! This is our way of eliminating you if you are the wrong person, after all he might have been looking at your friend!

In some circumstances the website may get the wrong person. A large venue where there are many people wearing similar clothes, for example a black tie event, football match, amongst other things. This can be avoided if you narrow your search range, in particular time. If you are serious in finding your fling, then make sure that if the site does match you, you ask questions which will quickly enable you to establish if this is the right person, whilst keeping your identity secret. Also, feel free to ask the other person to provide information that only you both know. Be suspicious if person provides only details you have already supplied.

Remember, if in doubt, walk away.

If you arrange a meeting, make sure you tell some one else, or at the very least, meet in a public place. We can‘t take responsibility for any information you reveal on GetMyFling, or any meetings you make outside of the website.

Using GetMyFling

The success of this site depends entirely on public awareness of this site. You can give this site a kick start by e-mailing this link to all your friends. It would be a shame not to get a match, just because other person doesn‘t know this site exists.

Your brief encounter details are automatically removed after 1 year. You can of course renew them, if you so wish. Remember the other person does not know your are interested, unless they are looking for you.

Automatic data deletion periods are as follows:

	Caught My Eye (No audio)	2 weeks
	Caught My Eye (with audio) 	4 weeks  (from a whistle to conversation)
	Physical Contact 		1 year.  (Any physical contact)

Why not give it a go, only one other person will know!

This website is only as good as the information it receives. Inaccurate data will lead to no matches or wrong matches. It has the ability to reunite old flings, however, your ability to recall exact timings will diminish over time.

Most of the questions are self explanatory. The most important drop down menus are Time, Date and Map Location. Get these right and the site should be very effective in making accurate matches.

Get My Fling recommends the following:

  • Time

    Say, for example you met at 11.00pm for the first time and you parted company at 11.30pm. Then enter the start time of 11.00pm and an end time of 11.30pm. Don‘t worry if other person puts in a slightly different time, we have allowed for a different time perspective. Try to keep time range as tight as possible.

    You can of course enter a greater time range if encounter was over a longer period, however there will be a greater chance of unrelated flings being matched. This could happen if the venue has a large number of people.

  • Date

    If you had a holiday romance over a period of days. Enter details of the most memorable meeting, if there were several memorable meetings, then treat each one separately and enter new searches for each one. A memorable meeting should be deemed as the main event!

    For caught my eye, get my fling proposes you make a mental note by looking at your watch after eye contact and if possible keep time range down to +/- 15 mins. If, over the course of an evening eye contact is made on more than one occasion, well, enter those to, by doing a new search for each one.

  • Location

    The Google map uses a 50m X 50M selection box at street level. Try to centre box over the exact location. If you were traveling on a airplane for example the selection box would be pretty useless over the atlantic ocean traveling at 600 mph! In cases like these, we suggest you select the arrivals terminal of your destination, or any other location that is static and relevant to the encounter.

  • Colour

    If the other person is wearing a light blue shirt, enter blue into search. If the other person is wearing dark green socks, enter green. Keep it simple. Also, if the other person is wearing something that the majority of people at the venue are not, say orange shoes, at a black tie function! Then enter those details. You must also enter colour details of your clothing. No point in entering black trousers if you are sitting down and your trousers are hidden from view. Also if you are unsure of a colour, then pick a item of clothing you can identify the colour. If the other person is wearing something that has more than one colour, say a striped shirt or patterned top, then select multi-coloured.

    • Colour of Physical features.

      Again, no point entering the colour of your eyes if you are a long way away. They would not been seen across a crowded room. In this situation, the colour of your hair would be more visible from a distance. Again keep it simple, there are no shades of colour, light brown hair, should be classed as just brown. And so on.

    If you are unsure of colours we suggest you enter details again with the next nearest colour.  Colour information is not part of the matching procedure.  It is presented as additional information as to provide users with an informed choice.  

    The colour details are not part of the matching process.  Your colour details are presented to the other person once a match has been made and vice versa.  This is just an extra layer of security.  

If at first you don't succeed, try again! Smile at everyone you like the look of, make a mental note of time date venue and colour then log onto Get My Fling enter data and wait. There is no rejection or embarrassment as other party has no idea of your interest. Unless of course they are interested to. What have you got to lose? We dont use Names, and we will not divulge your contact details to other party. We provide the facility for a match at which point it is up to you what to do next.