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Our Privacy Policy

GetMyFling is an internet-based matching service devoted to facilitating matching between its members. This means that GetMyFling provides the software technology required to bring together individuals with similar inputed data.

GetMyFling provides those who want to subscribe with a account for a limited period of time. Subscribers’ individual data are compared, and if matches are found, subscribers may contact each other via GetMyFling.

GetMyFlings possible matches are limited to the number of current members. The minimum amount of members belonging to a certain sex, however, cannot be guaranteed.

GetMyFling is a personals agency and only provides a service. It therefore does not owe any guarantee of success in bringing together correct matches. Such success primarily depends on the subscribed members ability to provide the correct information. Data Protection and Privacy Notice

Personal Information

Account-Related Activity. We ask for some personal information when you create a GetMyFling Account, including your email address,username and a password, which is used to protect your account from unauthorized access.

Usage Information. We may record information about your usage, such as when you use GetMyFling, the contacts you communicate with, and the frequency and size of data transfers, as well as information you display or click on in GetMyFling. If you are logged in, we may associate that information with your account.

Content Uploaded to Site. Any inputed information on fling locations that you voluntarily disclose online (in messages and chat areas,) becomes publicly available and can be collected and used by others.


Any inputed information on fling locations that you voluntarily disclose online (in messages and chat areas,) becomes publicly available and can be collected and used by others.

Your account name (not your email address) is displayed to Users when your data is matched with the same Users.

We do not use your email address or other personally identifiable information to send commercial or marketing messages without your consent or except as part of a specific program or feature for which you will have the ability to opt-in or opt-out. We may, however, use your email address without further consent for non-marketing or administrative purposes (such as notifying you of major GetMyFling Site changes or for customer service purposes).

Your Choices

You may update or correct your personal profile information and email preferences at any time by visiting your account page You may clear your messaging history at any time.

Your personal inputed data are held by GetMyFling and are kept confidential on our secure database. We will use your inputed data to provide you with our services.

We will store your personal data for a specified time so long as you are a User.

We take appropriate measures to ensure that your personal data is kept secure and is kept for only so long as is necessary for the purpose for which it is used.

We link to a variety of other sites and we display advertisements from third parties on our site. We are not responsible for the privacy policies of these sites and third party advertisers, nor for the way in which information about their users is treated. In particular, unless expressly stated, we are not agents for these sites or advertisers, nor are we authorised to make representations on their behalf.


GetMyFling is an internet-based personals service, which simply provides opportunities for matches between its members. Since contact only takes place via telecommunications, it is not possible to screen or pre-select subscribers. Therefore, we explicitly do not assume any liability in connection with the provision of Email addresses and the contacts, which may ensue. Members are obliged to screen their partners carefully before meeting and or dating them.


We may store information about you in a cookie (a small file that is sent by our web server to your computer), which we can access when you make return visits to the site. Sending cookies is usual practice for any site that needs to remember what its members preferences are and we use cookies to keep track of your choices in this site (such as login or registration identification, login time, user preferences etc.)

If you want to delete any cookies that are already on your computer, please refer to the instructions for your file management software to lo cate the file or directory that cookies are stored in. Our cookie has the file name "gmf_cookie". If you want to stop cookies being stored on your computer in the future, please refer to your browser manufacturer's instructions by clicking "Help" in your browser menu. Further information about deleting or controlling cookies is available at

Please note that when you visit our site, we may also log your IP address, a unique identifier for your computer or other access device. We will keep these records for up to 2 years.

If your personal details change, please contact GetMyFling, and we will update your details. Ltd.

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